Friday, March 02, 2007

Fiber Friday 3/2/07

First up, some really soft natural alpaca I scored in Idaho recently, spun with hand-dyed dark orange wool with brown and mango recycled sari silk.

2.3 oz, 112 yards.

Next up, three skeins of soft wool singles all from the same dye lot. They are around 2.7 oz each and range from 94 to 119 yards each.

They total 8.2 oz, 319 yards.

The next one here is another new one - sea water. It was fun to spin all blues and white together and ply with metallic blue thread strung with sequins.

It's very bouncy and sproingy. That's a word. 3 oz, 98 yards.

The last two pictured are gone in a swap and I hope they are happy out there.

Happy Fiber Friday everyone! Make it a good one!


Anonymous said...

yeah idaho!!!!

Who knows said...

Gorgeous as usual. I just love your yarns!