Friday, March 23, 2007

Blog upgrade - a total failure!

After a few hours trying to improve the look of my blog I managed to:

1. Delete the heading - you know, the NAME of the blog.

2. While the heading was gone, an unwanted thin brown stripe remained in it's place. It was rounded at the bottom, but cut abruptly about 2mm above that point.

2. I lost all the extras in the sidebar - guest map, counter, flickr badge, etsy banner, google ads, links, etc. Gone completely.

3. I uploaded a poorly sized banner to replace the deleted heading. All attempts to fix the banner size were met with blurring, skewing perspective, and general ugly. The thin brown stripe under this banner remained to mock me.

4. I said a lot of bad words as the attempts to improve this blog were met with a slow, clunky decline of the overall look.

I am so thankful that I finally found the "restore" button. And now things are as they were! I am relieved all is not lost, though saddened that I was unable to do a simple thing like replace the boring template heading with a banner.

This is a good example of what drives me crazy. I have a million ideas for yarn, knitting, crochet, spinning, writing, drawing, etc. But I have no brain for the technical part, the business part, the math. I'm currently in the middle of proofing a pattern and the math is hurting my head like a dunce cap.

That said, I'm glad I still have a lot of ideas. For the math, I can always use a calculator!


Anonymous said...


What a mess. Glad you got it back together. Sorry for your trouble!

Marlene said...

Been there. Thank goodness for "restore". I'd like to fancy my blog up some, but have given up.