Thursday, March 01, 2007


Three skeins in total = 8.2 oz, 319 yards.

Just something pretty suggesting the arrival of spring, lilacs blooming, little soft bunnies riding unicorns over rainbows. That sort of thing.

In other news - < drumroll > I signed up for spinning camp! < cymbal crash! >

What? Spinning Camp, Pluckyfluff style.

When? October 3 and 4

Where? Taos, NM

Did I mention that there is also a fiber fest that weekend?

Anyone else going?


chumly said...

Wow what a dream picture for a kitten to play with.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Oh, man! Two of my favorite activities, camping and spinning! Wish I could get away...maybe I'll start the negotiations...I already have the tent and such...

Anonymous said...

While I won't be going to the Spinning Camp (I would but I don't know how to spin) I do live in Taos. Look me up when you get here. :)

AR said...


Wow, spinning camp in a gorgeous place, I wish. Why do I have to be poor. Looks like an awesome time, though.