Monday, March 26, 2007

Top story: New Coasters Bring Smiles

I love these freaking coasters! The wonderful groschveux made these for me in another swap and they couldn't be more perfect.

I keep thinking a cup of pinkberry would go nicely on one of them. Yes, I am also addicted now. If you're not familiar, read the article.

"Crack-berry" is almost cute but "frozen heroin juice" just goes too far. And is sort of gross.

Back to the coasters, I sent off roving and felt bead kits indirectly for them.

I don't know which would be harder to quit, the pinkberry or the swapping!


BEESTLYproducts said...

they look so good! i heart your fabric choices!!!!!

Macoco said...

Wow - what a great swap gift. Love the little bunnies sitting side by side.

Tracy said...

two things:

1. after reading that article, i REALLY wish there was a pinkberry here. it sounds fabulous! although, perhaps it's just a matter of time?

2. thank you *so much* for sponsoring me in the making strides against breast cancer walk! i was worried that no one i knew would donate -- how cool is it that a fellow craftster was the first?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to try pinkberry and it's certainly worth a try. I have had even tastier frozen yogurt while visiting Japan and Canada at the Yogen Fruz chain. The word is that Yogen Fruz has been doing froyo for 2 decades, very cool.