Saturday, October 21, 2006

Working for the weekend

Do you like my cabled shrug? It's just the sleeves. I based it off of a few different patterns and my own "winging it" and I plan on making more.

So in the I don't know what to think anymore department, I have to report more job news.

It was tedious for you all to read about my challenging last job and we all rejoiced when it ended and I came back to this blog and it was good. (um, I rejoiced anyway)

You feel it coming, don't you? I was called back up for another job. And I took it. But this one will be better than the last one and I plan on having a bit more time on the computer. So let's not panic. (note to self, mainly)

Something interesting! Here's what became of yesterday's fiber friday yarn:

The blender got cold from making margaritas

Yes I am known as knitwit there.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

And as awful and tedious as the last one was, I believe it led to a drum carder...or would that have come anyway?

Hope this one is better!

Anonymous said...

That blender has a nice hat...

Anonymous said...

good luck with the new job. Loved the blender hat. Saw it in the crochet section and knew it was your yarn before I read it. Great job!

Wendi said...

That's a really nice shrug!