Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall leaf pendant

I swapped a felt bead kit for an awesome fall leaf pendant on Craftster. Cute, right? It's posed on the envelope it came in.

You'll find I write a lot about my Craftster adventures these days because:

1. It is so rad over there

2. Four days left at this insane job. I can't write about much else because all I do is eat and sleep and work...

...and look at Craftster when no one is looking.

You are all on there, right? You can learn how to make anything and it's all free. And don't get me started on the swaps!

I can sort of guess what the pendant is made out of but I won't say. I had no idea until I held it in my hands.


BEESTLYproducts said...

That's pretty sweet!!! I haven't done a swap on craftster yet.... but, i look forward to doing one soon :-)

Unknown said...

i didnt know what mine was made of until i touched it either! very cool!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

It's beautiful! Are there earrings?

Wendy Stackhouse said...

BTW, I received my Fair entries back in the mail today. Hope yours had an easy trip, as well.

AR said...

I love lurking on craftster. I haven't joined yet, though. Great pendant, but now, I'm going to wonder what it's made of!

Anonymous said...

what's it made of?? the curiosity is driving me crazy!

Anonymous said...

I got one too arent they gorgeous!
love your blog, and thanks for the mention for my quilt blocks too!

Star said...

First of all, these swaps are addicting and I think I should cut back a little. The pendant is made of (drumroll....) paper! Lot's of layers though. It's great.

soprano - no earrings. But I did get my yarn returned as well. The comments were funny. I may post them soon.

I'm writing these comments a few days late. I wonder if anyone ever goes back to the comments?