Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Tree House
Originally uploaded by ja_macd.

I was on flickr today updating some albums... and I'm happy to say I've joined the handspun group! If you want to join or just look at pictures of yarnahol, check it out here. It looks like there's 446 photos in it right this moment. That will surely change. I'm adding a couple at a time, so as not to overwhelm.

I caution you all, you may think you are going to casually glance at the yarn, but you may find that the entire afternoon vanishes in an instant as you stare at the pretty stuff. But on to the news!

Okay, as usual I may be slow to catch on to things cool and interesting, but today I spent a little time (is two hours a little time?) creating a business card order. I've wanted them for a long time and then today I saw it...

Moo. "Tiny, wonderful photo calling cards" and you can make up to 100 different images on them. Yes, you read that right. I'll let you know in ten days how they look, because they said that's how long it will take to get here.

And so today I remembered why I like flickr. It's always evolving and seems to stay interesting. Plus I love photography. So when I decided to write about flickr, I wanted to show the first creative commons licensed photo I could find. But it was a cheesy sunset that looked depressing. And then some students on a college campus I didn't know. And then some other weird-not in a good way-stuff.

By the way, you can search terms like "spinning" or "knitting" or whatever you are into. It's a worldwide photo museum in a way. I will share with you one tidbit, searching "spinning" yields a fair amount of spider photos. Nothing can really prepare you for this. Proceed with caution.

Finally I found this picture with the title "tree house" and the caption "actually I believe it's for storage" It was taken in Helsinki Finland by ja_macd. Thanks for the creative commons license!

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