Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More swaps

Let's see if I can get this right... Loads of packages are arriving all at once in my mailbox and I'd like to share it with you. It's all crafty, though none of it is spinning or knitting related. (gasp)

First up we have a crochet beanie from glittergirl, a very handy sewn tissue holder from mub, and a candy corn-colored button bracelet and earring set from macgirl_k. The bracelet arrived a bit broken but I have pliers and jump rings and am NOT afraid to try to fix it.

Next up we have Halloween cards from cornflakegirly. She handpainted two of them and the others are ready to be colored in. The small critters under the leaves in the rain is especially precious.

I'm thinking by now you've noticed some funny names. Well, here I am known as Star and on Etsy I am Starathena and on Craftster I am knitwit. I do feel like I should condense this chaos but not so much to actually do anything about it.

Okay, check out the machine embroidered blocks by Cyndiq. They are stitched on to muslin and I'm considering what to do with them. Some people are making trick or treat bags but I don't know that many kids!

Last (but not least) is the bat stuffie from Mikaiyawa. This was a very hot item and I totally scored getting one. I love that we are all drawn to different crafts. I spin yarn and someone else makes velvet bats, right?

When I got serious about spinning I put my sewing machine in the closet and haven't looked back. But I must confess in the far corners of my mind I am entertaining thoughts of what that machine could do. Don't tell anyone though, I'm not up for mending anyone's curtains just yet.


Anonymous said...

Love all the loot! the embroidery stuff. I keep looking at those machines every time I go to Jo Ann's. Must resist the urge! Looms, wheel, sewing machine, and serger is enough! must not go to store to lovingly fondle em. machine.

Okay, I feel better now :)

Enjoy the swag!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. that last one was me (had to sign in as the hubby to fix the blog and forgot to change back)

BEESTLYproducts said...

yay stuff!!! o poop! I forgot to sign up for the hats and mittens swap!!!!