Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Final Countdown

Warning #1: I can't put a complete thought together. Welcome to the kind of post an editor would toss! It's random thoughts, free-form. By the way, my job is to write. I'm a writer. Irony? I like breaking rules.

You know what happened this week? I had my 10,000th visitor! I only noticed today when I had my 10,304th visitor. So it hit me... Must've happened this week.

AND only 8 days left at work - then I shall celebrate and that includes a contest, people. Get ready. You've been warned.

You know when you have a week and a half to wait for something but you do the math and it's technically only 8 actual days (because you don't work on Saturday or Sunday) so you say it like that instead because it sounds better? Behold the power of language!

Also, I'm knitting and frogging swatches like it's something fun to do, getting gauge.

Now I have that Final Countdown song stuck in my head.

The end. No editing, people! That is how I choose to celebrate my 10,304th visitor. With changing tense, choppy text and incomplete sentences that are also run-ons, not easy.


AR said...

p.s. Great packages you got the other day. What fun stuff. Love the shirt!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

What a great package from Canada, amazing! I'm afraid to do secret pal stuff since sometimes I can afford good stuff and sometimes I just can't. Food, you know. Rent. I live vicariously through others! (I'm also redundant)

Ooh, you should have been there, though. It was terrible. The groaning and gnashing of teeth (especially by the beginners). Thanks for the congrats!

Macoco said...

The items from the swap are fantastic! I curse you because now I'm singing The Final Countdown.

Anonymous said...

I love that song