Monday, October 02, 2006

Swap box

I received some loot from the "My Country Doesn't Have That" swap on Craftster. I scored! After my partner receives I might be able to post a bit of what I sent. But let's enjoy the package together, shall we?

First up TWO CDs of Canadian music, a handmade toque (hat) in lovely colors, a French-English dictionary and some fancy Canadian Tire certificates. I've been thinking about learning French but I don't know how she knew that! I'm also about to listen to the music - I love mixed CDs!

Next up: The coffee collection, Tim Horton coffee with instructions to make a "double-double", cups to drink it with, and a coffee crisp!

Next we have a wild assortment of goodies: Dosai mix, henna powder and safety matches from the Indian community of Calgary, Canadian lip gloss and hair products, Lipton tea, herbal tea and clamato! (clam and tomato drink) - along with a recipe for a "Caesar" cocktail, and a jar of beads!

Also, there are absolutely beautiful silk fabrics and ribbons:

Here are more Canadian goodies including postcards, a rodeo air freshener that smells like campfires, (!) fancy hockey tickets (did you not need those?!), and a magazine (see the headline: "The complete breast guide")

I know by now you're thinking enough, enough. No, there's more. A lot more! (I told you I scored) On to more treats: I think in this case, the picture tells the story! (well, I have to say "Chris and Larry's clodhoppers" may be the best name for a treat ever)

Finally, a fantastic tee that fits me well and looks great! It has my blog name on it, "Keep on knitting in the free world." I love how the world is like a ball of yarn, so cute!

The funny thing is that originally I put on my questionnaire that I wanted any country BUT Canada since I swap with Canadians all the time... I think the organizer read it like: blah blah blah Canada blah blah blah

Now, I couldn't be happier about our being paired together, obviously. I'm trying not to have anxiety about what I sent possibly being inadequate.


BEESTLYproducts said...

well you lucked out!!! look @ all that awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me tempted to get into swapping again.

Anonymous said...

i love the tshirt, it would make a great embroidery!!! inspiring. love it all. you did so well.
so do u like aussie stuff hehehe koala's merino wool?