Saturday, September 22, 2007

A real contest with a real prize!

Dear knitters, crocheters, spinners, designers, wannabe designers, this contest is for all of you.

I've been lucky enough to have had some patterns published. I have also submitted patterns that have been rejected. Yes, this rejection category is much more well known to me. I am always looking for places to submit patterns and feel like my personal list is really short.

Which brings me to a plea - I want to write up a big list of places designers can submit patterns to share with our online knitting community. Kind of like Writer's Market for knitters. Except my list will be free to all.

So now is the time to start contributing to the list. And you can win something too.

Rules of the contest:
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with one or more sites that accept pattern submissions and a link to your blog (or other way to contact you). Repeat suggestions are okay. All comments must be left starting now through October 6th, 8pm PST. Winner will be chosen by random draw of all participants. You may leave as many comments as you like, but your name will go in the hat just once. Drawing will be held October 7th in the morning. Winner will be announced shortly after.

Prize: Homespun yarn. I do not have a picture of the yarn yet, but one is coming soon. Not that I really have to say this, but homespun yarn is a real treat!

What do you say?


Anonymous said...

Oooh... homespun!

I can't wait to see your final list. I only know of Knitty and MagKnits as places to submit patterns, so I am pretty clueless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this contest! An interesting site that I like is Island of Misfit Patterns. It is a place for people to post their patterns that get rejected from other online knitting magazines.

Jennifer said... They actually accept all kinds of crafting things. They tend to the edgier stuff. The only thing I've ever had accepted was there.

Nichole D. said...

Well, if it fits the theme, the anti-craft is a good one...and of course, Knitty and Magknits.

Josiane said...

The AntiCraft ( often publishes knitting patterns.
Spindlicity ( hasn't been updated for a while, but if ever it comes back to life, it is an good place to submit patterns using handspun yarn.
Finally, Tejemanejes ( is a knitting magazine in Spanish, but they've offered English version of some patterns, so I guess they'd be able to translate English patterns to Spanish. It hasn't been updated since the first issue, which came out a few months ago, but I couldn't find any info regarding their intended periodicity, so I can't tell if it is late/stopped or if the second issue is coming.
So right now, only one of these three seems to be regularly produced, but it can be worth it to check with the editors of the two others. I hope this helps!
Josiane (kimianak on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Spindlicity is definitely interesting, I hope to see it get rolling again.

I wonder if the lack of a variety of publications is why so many people offer patterns directly from their blogs so often?

wenat said...

The knitalong and knitting contests also love new patterns. Summer of socks just ended with a great pattern contest winner.

And there's also the Hill Country Yarns contest:

AmysBabies said...

Interweave is a good place to submit patterns for both knitting and crochet. There is also the option of self publication.

Jen C said...

Many sites have already been listed. There's also all the standard print magazines (Vogue, KnitSimple, etc.) Jimmy Beans Wools also has a monthly pattern competition

Erin said...

Spun Magazine is another place to think about submitting patterns to:

dragon knitter said...

just so you know, i put this up on the daily chum. i used one of your handspun pics as illustration. thanks!

and my guess?

they have some "interesting" submission guidelines, but it's somewhere to try!

TNTknits said...

I've also found patterns on Craftster:

It's great to find new sources for patterns.


monica said...

I was also going to suggest the Island of Misfit Patterns.

Laura said...

I think that Cherry Tree Hill is looking for sock patterns using their yarns.

Anonymous said...'s been said, but you said repeat was OK. I just can't resist a chance at some pretty pretty homespun. :-)

You can hit me up at my blog (linked from my name) or this username at

Anonymous said...

The one place I've had a pattern accepted was the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar.

My plus-sized armwarmers are in August in the 2008 edition, the same pattern had been rejected by Knitty as my photos weren't up to their standards. I've already submitted a mitered baby blanket for 2009.

LaLa said...

I would think that you could also submit to the Stitch and Bitch calendar

Stephanie said...

For the Love of Yarn is a new-ish magazine and accepts pattern submissions:

(you can find me at

Jody said... takes submssions, as does (the link is Also Knitting Pattern a Day at Ah, the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Besides the ones listed here, purlescence started a contest that developed into the storytellers blog.
They take submissions and share them on the blog, but there is always the chance if they like it they will publish it.

Anonymous said... is an online knitting magazine that I have subscribed to, on and off, for the past few years. The link above takes you directly to the pattern submission information. To check out the knitting magazine itself, go to

from Ginny, of
tullockv@aol.comn or

Dorothy said...

You can also submit a link to a free pattern at knittingpatterncentral or crochetpatterncentral. They only take links though.

You can also submit patterns to some online yarn stores like Elann and Knitpicks as long as you use a yarn they sell to make it.

T.M. said...

A repeat comment but Knitty and Anti-craft. But thanks for letting me post.

Montreal Mama said...

I own my own yarn shop, and I accept pattern (for pay) for socks. I have a sock club called Robyn's Nest Sock Club and with the handdyed sock yarn that goes out in the mail, a pattern and stitch markers go out with it. So you can always submit sock patterns to me. Also - I do sell other patterns on my site, so I can sell other patterns for you as well! Come check us out:

Anonymous said...

Barring print media, there are the 'big name' online zines like Knitty and Magknits, and less-well known ones like INKnitters or Black Purl. Spun magazine and Spindle and Wheel accept patterns (dominantly using handspun), and the discussed but not active Spindlicity.

And for those just wanting a bit of pattern 'exposure', why not blog post a free pattern and submit to the latest Yarnival?

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog, and the enticing possibility of yet more yarn for my stash has brought me to comment.
A month or so back, I was visiting my LYS which also happens to be a mill, and it seems they're always interested in having folks design patterns using their yarn. They don't pay much (who does???) but they have the patterns available when people buy the yarn that was used.

Unknown said...

The Garter Belt ( has a team of designers, but it's probably worth seeing if they're interested in taking on anyone new.

You could probably also just prepare PDFs of the patterns and sell them on your blog, with links in Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

How about whip up? I don't know that they always accept, or if this is up your alley? What a great list you are compiling!

asterpurl said...

Hmm... a couple come to mind...
Knitty, Magknits, Chiagu, all the magazines...

Ellen said...

Has anyone mentioned The Daily Knitter?
Here's a link for submissions.


noricum said...

Well, Knitty and Magknits are obvious choices. You can also self-publish and sell them through places like the Loopy Ewe.

Nicole said...

I only know of Knitty/Magnits, so I hope some of the other suggestions have helped out.

Big vote for self publishing though. No worries about rejection!

Anonymous said...


I think many have already been voted for. So here is my entry:

(From what I read, I think this has not been nominated yet, I didn't read all the comments)

Techie Knitter