Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baudelaire socks finished

Finished! A great project. Pattern: Baudelaire by Cookie A.

Yarn: Gloss by Knitpicks, burgundy. Needles: Size 2 double pointed.

Pattern Review: This is another of Cookie A's patterns that is a treat to knit. It's well written, as usual. The lace looks complicated but is easy to memorize.

You start with a figure-8 cast on for the toe and work up. (My first figure-8 toe!) I should mention that I am already biased in favor of toe-up socks.

The heel construction was new to me as well and I'm happy with it. The stitches along the foot appear to meet the heel at a right angle, which looks like they were knit cuff-down and stitches were picked up along the heel flap.

You work the lace up the leg until you want to finish, then do some simple ribbing and a sewn bind off.

Modifications: Not much. I made the large size even though I have narrow feet to compensate for my gauge being a little off. I didn't follow the steps for a larger size heel though. I just did the regular heel because I didn't want the length of the foot to get any longer. Also, I made the sock a little taller because I am tall, and I had the yardage for it. They fit well.

Yarn Review: Gloss is not itchy at all, being a merino and silk blend. They feel really nice, though I don't look forward to hand washing. I haven't actually blocked them yet, but I couldn't wait to show them off.

Overall: I would knit these again. It's a fun project and look more complicated than they are. The second sock I knit is slightly smaller than the first (common with me and socks, grr!) but I don't think you can tell. I think it's because as I get more comfortable with a stitch pattern, my gauge tightens up.

The only thing I would do differently is the toe. They are a little pointy, but not really a problem.

No, the problem is... what socks do I knit next!?!


Anonymous said...

What a great job, they are beautiful!

dragon knitter said...

you could wash your socks like the yarn harlot does. wear them in the shower, take them off, rinse them out, and hang them to dry. i think, anyway, lol.

nice job!

Macoco said...

Your socks are so beautiful. Great job!