Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Day at the Fair, but with words

I like to let a picture tell a story so yesterday that is what I did. But I can't really keep my mouth closed two days in a row, right?

I think it's pretty funny that of all the items advertised in yesterday's post (see the picture below taken at the fair), the deep fried avocados get the most attention. Perhaps someone can explain to me what deep fried coke is then?

Also, this finely focused photo here suggests an area of deep interest for me... the yarn I entered for judgment is on display in this hall. Three skeins, three ribbons!

Last year I took home three third place ribbons and was thrilled. This year I was awarded two third place ribbons and (drumroll) a second place ribbon! I'm improving, I guess. Not that I understand the complicated Norwegian standards on judging homespun. Or whatever it's called.

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