Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Knitting update

I'm making progress here! I decided to keep working on the scarf, even though I am going to run out of yarn.

Why? Because I found another skein of Noro Transitions in my stash. It's a different colorway but I think it may be compatible. See it laying next to the scarf?

Well, it's the best I can do, short of buying more yarn. And if I'm buying more yarn, it's not going to be Noro Tran$itions.

I've got an almost finished pair of Campanula socks pictured here. Yes, that was their state of completion yesterday afternoon when I took this picture. I'm happy to report they are now finished!

They need to be blocked of course. The only way I know to do it without sockblockers (sigh, another thing to add to my wishlist) is to get them wet and pin them down. I believe you can also put the wet socks on, take them off carefully, and then they retain the shape of your foot. I might try this.

There's something kind of psycho-fun about putting on wet wool socks on a hot summer day. It will be an experiment for me.

Speaking of things psycho, I know I am crazy but I immediately cast on the second Baudelaire sock this morning. (see the first one pictured here?) This will mean I am knitting two pairs of lace socks in a row. My brain hurts.

To be clear, I had originally knit one Baudelaire sock and was planning on knitting the mate when I heard about the Campanula for the Cure knit-along. I liked the idea of it and thought the sock was pretty... so I did something I'm not used to...

I put one knitting project aside and cast on something else. Thus was born my infidelity. And while I was cheating, I also cast on a bulky scarf because I was getting tired of the tiny needles and the lace.

And now I am working hard to finish everything so I can go back to monogamous knitting. Maybe the crazy part is how uptight I am about it all. I mean, if you're going to cheat, cheat big. Cheat with gusto, right?


AmysBabies said...

If you can stay faithfull to one project at a time, then you are my hero! I am trying to finish up the projects I have going right now and it is so hard not to listen to the new projects calling my name

Anonymous said...

I love how your scarf is turning out. I can't wait to see it finished.

Macoco said...

oooh the Noro scarf is so pretty. The thought of putting on a wet wool sock gives me the heebyjeebies!