Sunday, September 16, 2007

A contest is coming

The second Baudelaire sock is in full swing. The scarf is nearly there. I may be on the road to monogamous knitting yet again!

I have been inspired to write some new patterns too. This is my plan: submit patterns in the hope they might be published somewhere. If/when they are not, release them for free on this blog.

Isn't this what a lot of us are doing?

Which brings me to an announcement. I'm going to have a contest. A REAL contest with a REAL prize! Seriously. I am using this as a way to atone for not having prizes during the Tour de Fleece this year (I will next year, really) as well as doing something productive for us knitters, knitting designers, people who want to be knitting designers, etc.

Details coming soon!

Oh yeah, what is up with the picture of the dented but edible cupcake? I'm just showing off a treat I had on Friday. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Wee I love contests (though I haven't won one yet, the thought that I could win is pretty exciting ;).

Good luck with your designing and submitting!

AmysBabies said...

good luck with your designs! mmmmm dented cake *drool*

Tracy said...

that cake looks good! and... is it a boob-cake? or am i crazy?

Star said...


Yes, there is something boob-like going on with the cake. Now I want two. Just kidding.