Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just sharing some contests I've seen...

I have a contest coming this week, which got me thinking about contests in general... so I'd like to share with you some that I've seen lately. Feel free to mention any others in the comments!

First up, Crafting Jen has a contest every week (!) and this week’s prize is the newly-released book Suss Design Essentials by Suss Cousins. The best part is the complete review of the book Jen wrote - the best I've seen for this book. You have only one day left to enter this week, but rest assured there will be something new next week. (again, !)

Quelle Erqsome asks that you leave a comment in pirate-speak to win a contest celebrating the 250th post. Deadline is the 19th of September.

Yarnfloozies has a contest celebrating a one-year sockiversary. You have to say why you love sock knitting. I wrote that I love how you can knit them even on a hot day, you can knit them over and over and never knit the same pair twice, and finally you can make them really fit your foot. I have more reasons but why monopolize someone else's comment section?

Check out the links for the details, and good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my contest! I'm really pleased with the response so far, but appreciate all the advertising I can get! I'll definitely give yours a mention when it's up.