Monday, September 03, 2007

Campanula sock one

I finished the first sock and now have one more to go. I admit I am in the depths of second sock syndrome.

You know, I just knitted one. Why do I have to do it all over again?

I think it's a pretty sock overall and I'm happy to be playing along in the knit-along. It's my first actually. (!)

If I were to knit these again I would make a few changes. It's funny because I actually AM knitting this sock again but I want a matching pair, flaws and all.

I'd use size 1 needles for a better fit. I'd decrease at the ankle to help with the loose quality this sock has there.

I've also learned lot about how a knit-along runs and will improve next year's Tour de Fleece in the following ways:

1. Have prizes. Several.
2. Have a blog that all the members can join and post in.
3. Did I mention prizes?

In closing, I am compelled to mention I photographed my foot in this wool sock outside when it was over 100 degrees out... AND my neighbors silently watched me do it. I'm sure they think I run a foot fetish site. Or they just think I'm crazy. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah I bet those neighbors enjoyed watching you photograph your foot! AHhaahahahahahahh

MezzoDiva said...

Most folks find these socks tight at the ankles - I actually modified he original pattern to allow for that. Ooops. Maybe I need to come up with a version for people with narrow pretty photogenic feet like yours!

Anonymous said...

These are very inspiring! I must get started on a pair of socks. I hear the wool calling me! I also love the color! Very beautiful!