Monday, February 12, 2007

Yarn Museum

I don't know why I am always one step behind but I am just now learning about the incredible edible Yarn Museum! Okay I made up the edible part. I'm a bit tired at the mo.

Seriously. Have you been to the Yarn Museum?

I just submitted to the Inaugural Show and I plan on submitting to the other galleries this week. I'm so glad this exists!

It's basically the kind of website I can put on the screen, lock the doors, turn off the phone, then ogle and drool over the pictures. Perhaps that description sounds like a different kind of website. But no, this is homespun yarn, people! The very best kind of pictures to stare upon.


Anonymous said...

Star! Yay, I finally got checked out YOUR blog. It's wonderful! I love it. I just started knitting, so this is perfect.

By the way, can I add you to my blog roll?


BEESTLYproducts said...

yum! yarn!

Star said...

I LOVE being on blog rolls. I'm happy you're knitting too!