Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New stuff

Ok. I've been trying some of the techniques in the pluckyfluff book. A lot of these techniques I was already sort of doing on my own but the pluckyfluff yarns are so inspirational to me, well, let's just say I want to spin the yarns in my head, but I don't quite have the skills yet.

This yarn here is an example of "candy striping" and I um, (cough cough) hated (cough) spinning it.

Frankly, it was a lot of work. Spinning it made me really appreciate what differentiates between the kind of yarn I usually spin and boutique yarns like pluckyfluff et al.

The difference between perfectly fine yarn and jaw dropping yarn? Thoughtfulness, effort, and skill. If I slack on any of these three areas, I feel like it shows in the yarn. Unless I luck out. Then again, I'm probably overthinking it. In summary, I'm going to keep on practicing in between all the comfort spinning.

Speaking of knitting, lookie these adorable llama stitch markers I scored in a Craftster swap from Laural. I LOVE THEM!

I've never seen llama beads before but it occurs to me to stop stumbling upon bits and pieces to toss into my homespun and start searching out small touches that are really special.

...And I cranked out a few things for my etsy shop while watching Miss Marple. A mossy kitchen sink batt and some hand-painted lace-weight merino... just for fun!

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chipper said...

Sometimes, I wish I could make really fantastic yarn like the pluckyfluff stuff...

Sometimes, I even try to spin it... (this ends up with much cursing of the wool and wheel)

On really good days, I remember that I just spin because I like it. And all the members of my family like it.

Then, I relax, grab some wool and just spin.

None of this makes me a philosophical wonder because then I start with the guilt for not "doing" anything with my yarn :)

I guess what I'm saying is- your yarn and batts are beautiful1!!!