Thursday, February 01, 2007

Painted desert

Here is another homespun yarn to share - it's been a productive week! I call this one the painted desert and it nearly matches one I spun last week.

It doesn't matter what I do, the stuff I make tends to explore a theme over and over again. I recall sometime last year being stuck on pink, even though I'm not usually one of the pink people. I'm not really a painted desert person either, but here I am. Stuck on it!

This yarn weighs 3.1 oz and measures 69 yards. It's made up of a mix of my stash: mill ends, mohair, silk noils, bamboo, and who knows what.

I'm still a little scared to knit with homespun, but I'm getting better at letting it go in swaps and on etsy. It's just nice to have it around and look at once in a while.

Am I nuts?

Don't answer that.

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Bridget said...

No, you're not nuts. Or, if you are, then so am I, and it's the good kind. I have kept things I have made even when I didn't like them because I liked the fact that I made them. We artists get to be like that!