Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three bags full

Here are some highlights from a recent trip to Boise, Idaho! We visited a farm that we discovered from reading this article.

Here is a group shot of some of the sheep. The alpacas were feeling shy at the time.

Somehow I managed to buy three giant bags of wool! The people who run the farm are SO nice and joyful. I think we all wanted to move in and play all day. Ok, maybe that was just me. But still.

From left to right: Wool, alapca, wool/alpaca blend. All of it soft as a kitten's tummy.

Here is another picture of some of the little ones. They were so cute! I wanted to take one with me on the plane. They were pretty quiet, except when the dogs came around. Then they would baa baa baa at the dogs. I sense some animosity there.

We also managed to hit up a yarn store: Knitwits. I love the name since it is one of my nicknames as well - on Craftster I am known as knitwit.

Obviously three bags of wool wasn't enough to satisfy me. I had to buy some yarn and doodads as well. I picked up some assorted sequins to use in the spinning and two skeins of pretty yarn.

There is the Berroco Memoirs and my new favorite yarn that I couldn't stop staring at: Unikat (100% merino). The nice woman at the store wound it into a ball for me though I wish I had taken it's picture first.

I almost don't want to say how lovely this stuff is. It's very pricey and indulgent but without luxury fibers. You would think for the cost there would be cashmere or something in there, but no. Pure insanity. Welcome home. It will fit right in here.

I have another story to tell about Idaho that involves about 100 wild elk. Wait until you see THOSE pictures!


Anonymous said...

Baaaaaa! Baaaa! Baaa!

MrsFife said...

Now I've got this running through my head:
Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool...

AR said...

Nice! Love the baby sheepies, they're so cute.