Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Mary Jane Skimmers

Look at these little shoes! Made for this amazing baby.

Sophie shoes

Even a die-hard sock knitter takes a break once in a while to use worsted weight yarn. I should know, it happened to me.

This crochet pattern was really fun to do and I plan on making more. I'd like to use a smoother yarn to show off the details on top more.

For those interested, the pattern is available here, by Sylver Designs.

I also made a matching sweater but FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT before gifting it. How did this happen? I guess I was preoccupied. Terrible!

It was a grey and pink striped cardigan, trust me, cute.

It was also the first sweater I ever finished, making it a Very Big Deal for me, even if it was for an infant.

I've started and frogged so many failed sweaters I've lost track. Something always goes horribly wrong somewhere. My goal this winter is to make myself a sweater that I'd wear. I have the yarn, I've seen some great patterns, I just need to commit. Well, I need more than that, but I'll start there. I'll show you the yarn I have in mind, then we can pick the pattern.


Ciria said...

I so want to learn how to crochet now! Such cute baby booties. Kid sweaters are the best. Easy to frog and start again.

erin32mc said...

Sophie is so beautiful! She's lucky to have an aunt that will hand make her such cool stuff.

Annie Jeffries said...

omigoodness, what seriously cute maryjanes. Some lucky litte girl will have very happy toes.

Anonymous said...

I love those booties. Somehow, I can see you wearing them, too. Maybe a matching auntie and niece outfit - what do you think? Patti

knittingdragonflies said...

How adorable. Thanks for the link.

Tracy said...

aw, she's beautiful! i want to see your potential sweater yarn! will it work for a green gable?