Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keep on blogging in the Free World

Whenever I go a bit longer in between posts here I get nervous about the first post back.

Why? I think too much about it. I imagine that I better have a good reason for taking so long, even though I don't really, other than LIFE. (heard of it?)

So, here's I'll write about this week:

1. Baby knitting for my niece, and how I know understand why people love to knit for the tiny folk.

2. A sweater dilemma, which is more of a coming out story about how a supposedly good knitter can't seem to make a good sweater.

3. More socks, of course. I haven't changed too much in this department! I have some more finished pairs to share as well as launching a new series called "Sock Design Workshop." I've been learning a LOT about sock design and want to share what I can so you can learn from my mistakes... not that I'm done making them, of course!

Daisy Doodle

I leave you with a picture of my "other niece" who is a Very Good Dog and I have promised to not knit her a sweater.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Daisy is happy she's the star this time out. And I'm so glad there'll be no knitted outfits for her - she's got her fur to keep her warm.