Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer Vacation Slides

Hey, I know we usually discuss knitting here, but did I mention I took a recent trip to Los Angeles? Want to see?

Ontario Mills

"Hulk Hogan's Dodge Dealer of Choice"

Starbucks outlet?

Have you ever seen a Starbuck's outlet? I have.

Smoke House

Brunch rules at the Smoke House, which is now a family tradition.


Another family tradition: The LA County Fair (along with deep fried artichoke hearts and sunstroke)

knitted house

Oh this is simply a knitted house. It's going to get donated to a children's hospital. (See, knitting!)

Ferris Wheel

In case you can't read the fairy tale food stand in front of the ferris wheel, it's called "Carmelot." Get it? Get it?

Thanks for your indulgence. Next week, more knitting talk. Honest.

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Dragonridermom said...

Wow a Starbucks outlet? I wonder if I could get Pumpkin Spice Latte there in January once they discontinue it in their retail stores? Of course I am on the east coast so it would be a looong drive!

I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your pictures.