Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sock Tease: TRON

Ichabod Crane

Here is a skein of Fresh From the Cauldron sock yarn in the colorway Ichabod Crane. This was one of several just released in their Fall 2008 Sock kits. I designed two of the kit patterns, and here is a peek at one: TRON.

Tron Socks

Those of you born after 1982 may have to Google Tron to get the reference, I shudder to think... Please tell me everyone knows about TRON, right?

Tron Socks

For the linkophobic I'll remind you the plot of TRON: "A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program." -IMBb

In 1982, this was very forward thinking. There was also a fantastic arcade game based on the film at the time that my brother used to play.

Tron Socks

I'll say that these socks should have been inspired by the legend of Sleepy Hollow but as I working through these socks I kept thinking of pixels along crooked path.

Tron Socks

I'm sure I didn't invent this, but I'm happy to have hit upon this garter block stitch pattern (on heel and cuff) while playing around with the pixel concept. I think they look like they belong in an old video game. Am I nuts?

Tron socks heel detail

So the yarn was inspired by a very old legend and the socks were inspired by a somewhat vintage tale and they come together well, I hope.

Tron Socks

The pattern is available only to those who bought the kit, but it will be released to the public sometime after December 1, 2008... Just in time for Christmas! (I know, sorry)


Ciria said...

Atari, this sock totally reminds me of that too! I love it. I think I may have to do make some for the hubby!

Jennifer said...

I love the socks. And yes, I watched Tron as a child... and played the arcade game.

leethal said...

wow they turned out really great! i would totally wear them!

and i was born in 82 and have definitely heard of tron, but have never seen it....

Natalie Rush said...

Love the socks!!!

m said...

That pattern looks awesome!