Friday, June 20, 2008

Fiber Friday 6/20/08

Tomorrow I am heading out to the Black Sheep Gathering to find my spinning mojo. I'll probably buy some fiber and yarn as well.

With the Tour de Fleece kicking off in two weeks I better start training already. The purpose of the tour is a challenge. For the cyclists and handspinners alike, it's the big one.

When I'm not actually doing something, most likely I am thinking about something.

I've been thinking a lot about personal challenges lately, and decided to look back at what I spun during the challenge day of last year's tour...

July 2007:

I can briefly re-cap the challenge day with a picture representing my personal Col l'Aubisque: feathers. Dyed feathers.

I first looked up some technique in the book: Spinning Designer Yarns by Diane Varney. (a must have for spinners - don't you think?) The book confirmed what I thought: 2-ply yarn, trapping the stem of each feather in a coil.

Plus it's a rainbow yarn, just for the wow factor. It's a fandango yarn for sure, but I'm nervous about setting the twist. I don't want to ruin the feathers by getting them wet. I'm hoping a little steaming will do the trick.

My unsolicited advice: way over-spin the single first, so you don't over-ply while doing your coils. That is if you desire spinning with feathers. Perhaps nobody else would. I accept that.

Back to today, this moment, right now:

I must admit I don't have it in me to tackle such complicated yarn these days. I really want to spin smooth, even yarn now. Useful yarn. Utilitarian. Purposeful.

The real challenge will be to sit down and spin every day for three weeks. I am nearly looking forward to it. Join me, won't you? Sign up today.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a yarn!!

I'm really excited to join the tour this year. (Thanks for hosting it!)

polkamatic said...

Hello! Is there anywhere I can buy this beautiful feather yarn?

Star said...

Hi polkamatic! Thanks for the question. I haven't been able to part with the yarn yet. It's still in my stash. If I ever decide to sell it I'll be sure to make it known. Thanks!