Monday, June 16, 2008

Lighthouse Gansey

Are you ready for a gansey style sock? You get lots of texture created by simple knits and purls.

Pattern: Lighthouse Gansey by Anne Hanson

Dream in Color Smooshy. Color: Cloud Jungle.

Needles: KnitPicks Harmony 32" circulars, US size 1.5 (2.50mm) Magic loop.

Pattern Review: Easy to follow, fun to knit.

The socks are worked from the cuff down, and you hit the charted design right away. The next thing you know, you are turning the heel and the rest of the sock goes very quickly.

Modifications: A couple of things. I made the sock taller because I am tall and Dream in Color Smooshy has fantastic yardage.

I also worked this sock over 60 stitches only. I reduced the stitches on the sides, where they wouldn't mess up the lighthouse design. I made the heel flap too wide by NOT reducing stitches there but it all works out somehow in the wearing.

Yarn Review: What can I say about Smooshy that hasn't been said before? This is one of the all time great sock yarns. The base has a nice twist and it's washable (though I always hand wash). It has a smooshy quality without being too soft.

Smooshy colors are fantastic and cloud jungle in no exception. It's hard to describe other than saying it's grey and green and a lot of other colors. They are all semi-solid and rich. You can buy it at The Loopy Ewe, Sonny and Shear, or Eat, Sleep, Knit. I have bought this yarn at all three places, though I wonder why I am admitting this.

Again, the yardage is an impressive 450 yards. Which should be enough for a guy, or tall socks for a lady. Dream in Color is also probably the best smelling yarn out there. What? I know I'm not the only yarn sniffer!

Overall: A fantastic pair of socks. It goes with everything and interesting enough to make me want to wear them often. Also they fit well and were a fast project.

This is the first time I knit a gansey style sock and I don't know why I resisted. Ganseys generally remind me of ugly, poor fitting sweaters of another decade. Perhaps it is this bias. Of course there are also beautiful gansey sweaters in the world too. I just never saw Patti Smith wearing one.

Do you see the lighthouse motif? I saw it right off but I've read that others see it as a tree. Or a diamond. I can see that too. Maybe it's like those tests that are meant to reveal something about yourself. Or perhaps I am going on too long regarding these socks.

In any case, socks are a great way to try out stitches and I intend to do more of the gansey style knitting in socks in the future.


Jennifer said...

They look fantastic!

Dave said...

Wow, what wonderful socks!! I think this is the first time I've seen that colourway knit up, and I must say it certainly shows the stitch pattern very well while still adding just a little touch of colour. Very nice!

AR said...

Awesome! It took me a while to see the lighthouse the first time I saw the socks. Nice work!