Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quant, part 2

I am still walking around quite shocked that I have a pattern in the amazing winter 2007 knitty, and I'm honored to be side by side with the rest of those beautiful patterns!

I want to answer a few questions I have received:

1. The name is an homage to Mary Quant.

2. Oh, my name? Yes, my name really is Star Athena. My parents gave it to me. Most people call me Star. I have a last name, but I don't need it since I seem to be the only Star Athena making knitting patterns.

3. Yes, you are probably doing it right. Entrelac looks funny. See photo for proof. It will look better when you are done and you have blocked the crap out of it.

4. I did not manipulate the yarn to make the colors show up in certain places, though I am not against the idea of doing that. I could say I planned it carefully, but honestly I think I got lucky with where the yarn changed colors right off.

If you are substituting yarns and have that pretty one with knots, (not naming names) you will have to get creative about joining your yarns. I believe in you.

5. Not a question or answer but a thank you. Thank you to anyone who said something nice to me or about me or thought something nice or is nice. Thank you because this has otherwise been a challenging week and I swear it was the knitting, knitters and knit-related web that made everything better.


Anonymous said...

I love your pattern! I'm going to knit one up for my little cousin for Christmas :) Thank god for Knitty to give me beautiful stuff (for free!) from creative designers like you! Oh yes, and your Q&A this blog is very funny.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Sorry you had a rough week! I would love to make a Quant, but must keep on with the Christmas stuff till it's done (only two more weeks, eek!). Hope everything is better!

Anonymous said...

I always check out the new patterns at, but only recently have I knit anything from it (calorimetry, and after starting my crafster account, I'm not the only one!).

This is going to be the second. I've been meaning to try entrelac for ages but didn't want to do it in a sock (although I enjoy socks) or something huge!

So this is perfect. I want to find some nice variegated yarn, and I can't wait.

Melinda said...

Congrats on your pattern! It is beautiful! Do you think it would also work well in cotton?
Also, I thought entrelac is knitting all of the pieces separately, and then sewing them together. But your pattern looks like it is all knit in one piece?? Is that right?

Katie said...

Love the Quant! Looks like fun to knit =) Congrats on being in Knitty, looking forward to seeing more from you!

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

Congratulations on your pattern - how exciting!

Anonymous said...

The pattern is very pretty!
And that is so neat that your given name is really Star! I've always loved that name since I heard it in "The Lost Boys". :)

chipper said...

hey! it's been a long time since I commented but I thought you'd like to know that I walked into my LYS yesterday and the owner was working on a Quant! I said "I know her!!!" I felt almost famous :) Anyway, she is loving it and can't wait to give it to its intended recipient. Congrats on yet another great pattern!!!

LA said...

As a big fan of Knitty, entrelac, and
all yarns Noro, I was thrilled to see your pattern Quant in the latest issue. I just printed it out, and plan to work up your pattern very soon. Mad props to you for getting published. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I've just finished this, and it's gorgeous. I had to have a couple of goes at it, since I've not tried entrelac before, but once I'd got the hang of it, t'was easy.

Thank you very much, Star! I'll link to photos when I've got 'em up.

Lovely. :)


Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Star Athena,

We love your Quant project done in our Taos!

We'd like to thank you for publishing a pattern in one of our yarns and since I see you are also a sock knitter - could we send you two balls of our new Panda Silk that has just arrived?

Take a look at our web site sample card and drop us an email with our color choice!

Regards, Susan Druding
at Crystal Palace Yarns

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just knit one! It was really fun and although it looks sooooo complicated it was easy and FUN... thanks to your great instructions. Thank you!

Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

I'm soon leaving on 16 hr. flight and this headband looks perfect for an interesting but small piece to work on. And I have the yarn in stash! What could be better? Gorgeous pattern.

uzumaki said...

hi i'm having trouble understanding your instructions because i suck and i'm kind of new to tangy.

what does it mean to K1 and turn work over?

please help me!im stuck at the base triangles..!!!!

Star said...

Hi uzumaki,

Entrelac knitting is tricky but it will work out if you follow the directions exactly. You have to work part of the row at a time. Instead of knitting across all of the stitches on your needle, you have to just work a few at a time, turning often. You have to trust that it will work out. I think this might help you:

Set Up Base Triangles:

Row 1 [RS]: K1, turn work. (Leave 17 sts unworked on the needle)

Row 2 [WS]: P1, turn work.

There is no special technique. You just have to knit one stitch and turn as if you were at the end of a row.

I hope this helps.