Saturday, December 01, 2007

My First Wollmeise

As I fear I may be becoming a yarn collector I have to share the Big Score that I am almost afraid to touch... Wollmeise.

Yarn is meant to be used, sure, but this particular fiber is hard to come by. The performace anxiety I am experiencing is pretty significant, but I will manage to take the first step any day now: using the ball winder.

Just in case there are some people not "cool enough" to know about Wollmeise let me share a bit with you. In short, this yarn is a unicorn.

Wollmeise is a one-person hand-dyed yarn business located in Germany. The texture of the yarn base is unique. It feels like cotton in the skein, but I've heard it has some bounce when knitted. It's many plies, tightly spun.

What struck me is the color. I have no idea how she does it, but the colors glow. Even the darkest of colors have a light inside of them that doesn't totally translate on the web.

I've heard people wax poetic on the scent of the yarn. They claim it's fruity. I detect cedar. It seems to change depending on the sniffer. Yes, it's magic.

I am now suggesting you get some. The only place to get it in the US is The Loopy Ewe but they are usually out of stock. Why not do what I did? Order directly from Germany, here.

Unless you speak German, you'll want to hit the little US flag icon at the top of the page. Then, look around at the pretty yarn. The in stock list is helpful. Google can convert Euros to dollars. Then Paypal will finish the transaction. After the "what have I done?" feeling fades, the "where is my package?" feeling takes over. Then, the happy dance.

I have done some math and I'll save you time. The shipping price is done by weight, so the best deal is actually to order 5 skeins. If this is too much for your budget, order 2. (the second best deal) OR go in on an order with a friend! Hey, we're friends, right?

From what I see on Flickr and Ravelry, Wollmeise is the new meth. It's very trendy, so hang tough!


Cass said...

oh good lord that blue/brown colorway is so gorgeous I think I just blacked out for a minute. holy cow woman.

Anne said...

Okay, you're officially an enabler.

Anonymous said...

Definitely an enabler!

Anonymous said...

What colorway is the brown? I would love to get this one.

Star said...

First, yes I am the very worst sort of enabler.(!)

The brown one is spice market dark :)