Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tis the season

It's all about knitting gifts for people this year, right? I mean for YOU. For me, I have already screwed this up.

In the middle of the semi-reasonable gift spending, I am tempted to keep buying yarn for myself. I am back on a yarn diet for the time being, though I am not saying for how long.

I was soooooo good this summer. I didn't buy ANY yarn for almost all of 2007 in fact. (I know, shocking) Why?

1. I wasn't working regularly. No money in = no money out.

2. My stash is big enough. It pains me to type that out, but it may be true.

3. I'm moving next year. I need to be lightening up on things, not acquiring things.

Starting around the end of October I started buying yarn again. Why?

1. I got a new job. Yay for regular paychecks.

2. I significantly reduced my stash and had room.

3. I didn't have enough sock yarn.

4. The yarn was on sale.

5. I found hard to get yarn in stock. (Wollmeise, people. See the pictures?)

6. My new job got stressful. I needed yarn.

Are you seeing that there are always more reasons to buy yarn than to not buy yarn? Diets are hard. Being common sense about it would be better, but then again, I could have much worse habits too!

This reminds me, I still want to show off my latest order from the Loopy Ewe. And I have more Wollmeise coming to me in the mail, so I'll have to show that off too...

Yes, all the purchases were made before the yarn diet started. I know what you were thinking.

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