Friday, December 21, 2007

Fiber Friday 12/21/07

Happy Fiber Friday everyone!

In case you were hoping for something from Tiffany's this year but maybe are fairly certain it isn't going to happen, I bring you a Tiffany's inspired yarn in this week's Fiber Friday Flashback.

I spun this one in May and here is what it was like:

Friday, May 18, 2007
Despite my recent self-imposed title of "worst blogger ever" I do have something to share for Fiber Friday.

It's another Tiffany yarn and it now belongs to Crafty Ginger!

To make yarn like this you dye mixed wools and mill ends a Tiffany blue. Then you overspin a single and set aside. Then string sturdy holographic thread with real pearls.

Next, ply the single with the thread and there you have it! Wrap it in a pretty white ribbon for gifting, of course.

I probably should have coaxed more pearls to the top of the skein for the photos the way a yarn stylist would. Lesson learned.

It's Friday today... Fiber Friday! The very best day of the week!

/end flashback. Man, I should start making more of those again.

PS - It might be a good day to go over to Crafty Ginger's blog and give her a hug. OR buy something awesome from her etsy shop. Either way.


Jenny said...

What a creative yarn idea :) The Tiffany's blue box and a string of pearls - I love it. I really enjoy reading your blog - and thanks for the pretty pics to look at - I'll be knitting a Quant very soon after Christmas - I'll send a pic - Merry Christmas

picperfic said...

gorgeous yarn and those pearls looks so pretty