Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hill Country Yarn Sock Contest

I haven't written in a few days, not that I went out of town or anything. But YOU probably did, and I didn't want you to miss anything.

I am just proofing a new pattern and then I am going to submit it!

No spoilers here. Just the yarn.

The fiber is pretty sweet and on size US 3 needles, a quick knit.

This lavender color is not my usual thing, but I've noticed in the Wide World of Knitters that people like the blues and purples.

I am a rust and slate and honey person. I love the sort of colors I am always reading about "ruining" the fuchsias of noro.

Excuse me... but, your fuchsia is actually ruining my mustard! Okay, I don't really mean that but I had to stick up for the unloved colors.

I do like both chocolate and peanut butter so perhaps we can all get along after all. I'm sure you'll at least agree that "The Fuchsias of Noro" should be the title of something.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Yes indeed. A romance novel? A soap opera? or a sock pattern? I do love that lavender--but I live with a lover of all things golden yellow (and other fiery colors) so I know there's another color world out there.