Friday, December 28, 2007

Fiber Friday 12/28/07

I admit I'm really working for the weekend lately... And here it is upon us now, so, yeah!

Obviously I'm still on a break from spinning but I love Fiber Friday too much not to share some homespun anyway. Please jump with me into the time vortex. And, go!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Is it wrong to say I am extremely pleased with this yarn?

Probably... But I am. It's balanced.

This is all natural yarn - natural white mill ends, natural coopworth from Santa Ynez Valley, and natural black wool. 4.9 oz. 110 yards.

The yarn is meant to stripe itself. I'm thinking of entering in this year's LA County Fair for judgement. I recall they value a yarn's balance.

I wonder how they would judge a crazy art yarn? "Overspun" "Inconsistent thickness" "Impractical" Okay now I'm wanting to submit one of those too.

Have a great one everyone!

/end flashback.

I didn't end up entering this yarn into the Fair this year but I did enter three others that all won ribbons. (sorry for the obnoxious bragging)

I DID submit a somewhat crazy art yarn just to see how they would react because the judges tend to be traditionalists. They liked it okay I guess, though it was deemed "Inconsistent."

That's kinda what was great about it, lady.

(And there is your tease for next week's Fiber Friday)


knitmd said...

I actually have a file on my computer of art yarns I've kept for inspiration. There was one I found this year which used miniature Christmas lights in it... wonder what your local judges would do with one like that. I think you should take it as a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really love that yarn. Good job. Looking at yarn like that makes me want to try spinning just one more time...
I would like to see a picture of your crazy art yarn that was deemed "inconsistent."