Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pretty tool belt and stroopwafels!

I've been spinning fresh yarn all weekend but most of it is for trades and swaps. I'm really going to slow down on the swapping very soon and finish some new patterns and the like. I have some new ideas, people!

Why is swapping so addicting? For one, you get stuff like this in the mail. It's a crafty utility belt from la_chrystelle. Cute, right? It came to me from The Netherlands along with stroopwafels (and a LOT of other stuff too!)

To eat a stroopwafel you make a hot cup of coffee or tea. You then place a stroopwafel on the cup like a lid. The steam works it's magic and the inside caramel layer gets soft and melty. When you eat/drink it down you want the world to stop turning so you can live for all eternity in the sweet-love-hug. Speaking of which, I'm off to put the kettle on!


Anonymous said...


chipper said...

They both look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Both look great, but I would really love the pattern for the tool belt. That looks like a great project for my church bazaar workshop. We are always mixing up our tools and I hate when my tools are missed used and get ruined. If I had a tool belt like that it would never happen. We would all be able to keep our tools at our sides. I saw you on the show today and it sounds like you have a great group. By any chance did they tell you where you can buy the stroopwafel?

Star said...


The apron was inspired by this.

The stroopwafels, well I don't know. These came from the Netherlands! I wonder if you can get them here?