Friday, April 06, 2007

Fiber Friday 4/6/07

Here we are again... can you believe how quickly this week went by?

I have four yarns to show off let's get right to it!

This first jumble here is bulky weight singles yarn spun from mixed wools all hand-dyed in my kitchen. 4.1 oz, 159 yards.

I was attempting something that alternated between rich jewel colors and neutral, earthy tones.

This second yarn here was inspired along the same lines, muted colors with shocks of something bright. I think I was dreaming of Noro at the time. 2.1 oz, 127 yards.

The third yarn here is a basic two-ply, originally inspired by peas and carrots but it definitely evolved into something else. Candy and flowers got in there too I think.

They do that sometimes - take on a life of their own. 2.9 oz, 86 yards.

And last but not least I've made another seashell yarn. This time with pearls! For those who missed the last one, here is the run-down:

Dye soft white roving in various beachy, sand and sea colors. Then spin it up, starting with the sand and work your way through the sea and sky. Then ply with holographic thread strung with real shells and pearls.

When knit, the yarn should form some kind of landscape. Or crochet. I'm an equal opportunity spinner.

This concludes another installment of Fiber Friday. Perhaps it's technically "Good Fiber Friday," which reminds me... you know what I'm looking forward to this Easter? The sales after where the egg dye is 75% off. I want to experiment using some to dye wool. Yeah!


Kerry said...

Oh my gosh, another gorgeous seashell yarn!!! I love it! Maybe I can snag it this time around...

Anonymous said...

The Pea Soup yarn is gorgeous! And I really like the Seashell, too.

I have to say, I really enjoyed knitting with your yarn. I also had a great time dying with your dying kit. I am using it to make a cozie for my MP3 player. :)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Lovely stuff, Star, as always!

Sorry I couldn't see you on Knitty Gritty, we don't get DIY.

Did my annual Easter egg can't-let-any-good-dye-go-to-waste wool dyeing last night after eggs and will post them later. Did color progression this year instead of just wild rainbows. Fun!