Friday, April 27, 2007

Fiber Friday 4/27/07

Happy Fiber Friday everyone! Whatta week. I think it's funny how the yarn I spin reflects my mood in really unexpected ways.

First up, two more skeins in the "crayons" series. This is what I spin when I don't know what to spin, if that makes sense. This is a classic for me, and I fall back on it when I get stuck.

They always come out a little different, but they do all suggest a box of crayons, tons of colors with no repeats.

The next yarn here is a variation on a rainbow. Bright hits of color alternating with black. This yarn will self-stripe, every other row is a bright color, every other is black. It reminds me of the old game "breakout"

The last yarn here is subdued. My friend Chuy wanted something muted with blue and grey for a scarf. And that's what this one is. Boy yarn. Generalizations not intended.

So what does today's yarn say about my week? How should I know? That's what I pay you people for. Just kidding. I think I'm still searching for inspiration, even though it's probably all around me. Anyway, let's all make a deal to have a GREAT Friday.


Anonymous said...
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Kari said...

Weird spammy comment?!?!?

Anyhoo, you got a DEAL! But Only if Great Friday can be a regular thing! LOL (Can you tell I'm all hopped up on cough medicine?)

I love your yarns, they're all so unique and beautiful! I bet they're even better in person! I wish I could reach into my screen & touch them! LOL

Anonymous said...

those look great!!!