Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Micro knitting

Well she's been here one day and already got herself set up with some knitting, naturally.

Thank you to everyone who posted a suggestion on what to name this girl in the previous post - there are some really good ideas there! I haven't made up my mind yet so there is still time to leave a suggestion and free stuff is fun, right?

In spinning news, for the last two weeks I've been busy. I've spun up about ten skeins of yarn that I'm just itching to show off but I'm trying to avoid this concept of "spoilers" for the people getting them as a surprise. I also decided that if certain people don't receive by Friday it's not my fault and I'm showing some off anyway. You've been warned, certain people.


stacyZ said...

how freaking cute is that!?!?!

g and h said...

Keeping with the flower theme:
Lily, Willow, Iris, Dahlia

Names just because I like them:
Julia, Sophie, Claire, Josephine

Violet it pretty, too!


Anonymous said...

Aww, she can knit already! What a crafty girl!

I agree, Willow is nice too. It reminds me of the movie Willow back in 1988. Such a good movie! :D

But I think that Violet is still my fave.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot..
Am I one of those poeple that have been warned?

Faith said...

Aw man, I want one of these freakish dolls for this very reason. I love this pic! I always love old lady names like Lois, Franny and Hazel, but this lady seems too chic for that. Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know, it's me again! :P
I was just doing dishes and this name came up in my little head...


It's just a thought!

Star said...

more great names! This is going to be hard!

yes marija. YOU are certain people (wink)

Anonymous said...

Violet is actually a great name but just to get into the about Clover. Hello Knitty aka Mr.12 likes Violetta or Big Headed Henrietta

AR said...

Well, whatever her name turns out to be, she's cute, and she knits!!