Friday, April 20, 2007

Fiber Friday 4/19/07

I know, there's a lot here. I'll just get to the stats.

First one: 2.9 oz, 159 yards.

Next up, another in the crayons series: 2.3 oz, 105 yards.

Number three down is another in the mangowood series: 3.3 oz, 138 yards.

The fourth one down is red, white and black and plied with heavy black thread strung with beads.

The beads spell out: "always in my room" in honor of the person who received all of this yarn.

There are coils and beehives too! 2.8 oz, 90 yards.

Then there is the rainbow yarn. I spun up two singles in the order of a rainbow and plied them together. This one will make a rainbow hat or similar project when knit.

Next is a bumpy jewel-toned yarn. 2.9 oz, 107 yards. I'm happy with the colors in this one.

The second-to-last yarn is just something pretty, or at least was meant to be. 2.8 oz, 65 yards.

And this takes us to the last yarn: all blues and white, plied with holographic thread strung with real pearls. Something like the sea. 2.4 oz, 79 yards.

That should do it for today. I've been waiting for a Friday like this, where I can show off the way a peacock does.

The truth is I didn't spin these all in one week. But these were all received this week, and I waited to show them off so I wouldn't spoil anything.

I know this has been a hard week. I hope looking at yarn pictures brings a smile to your face. It always works for me.

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granolagirl said...

I definitely have to say that the mangowood one is my fav! I love your colourway names though, I love when the names match so well you have an "aha" moment looking at them.