Wednesday, April 25, 2007

knitter's block, take two

In an attempt to rid myself of the recent shameful knitter's block, I've taken action. Oh yes, I've been busy:

1. Organized knitting patterns I've downloaded. (see exhibit A)

2. Knitted a swatch of Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran to check gauge. Man, that is some nice yarn. I bought enough for a sweater (re: aforementioned knit happens sale) but it has to be striped. I couldn't get enough in any one color. A top down raglan comes to mind.

3. Hunted down raglan sweater pattern, this recipe.

4. Wound some of the tempting noro yarn I bought in that same sale. I've got a mix of Transitions, Kochoran, Iro, and Silver Thaw, by the way. (I know what you're thinking, by the way)

5. Checked gauge of Transitions yarn. Just to remind everyone, this yarn not only changes colors in that subtle, pleasing noro way, it also changes fiber. What fibers? Wool, silk, cashmere, camel, kid mohair, alpaca and angora. Can I marry this yarn?

6. Got the crazy idea to make a raglan sweater out of Transitions. I know it will be ridiculously warm and the striping will be weird because I have to change colorways throughout AND the body will have narrow stripes while the arms would have wide stripes... I didn't care.

7. Cast on. (see reference #3 for pattern) When I got to the part where you cast on all the front center stitches at once, I already hated the way it looked. You're meant to work the collar back and forth a while before casting on front stitches and working in the round. Well, this makes a funny round collar with a weird straight line across the front center. I frogged it. It was doomed.

8. Had a mini-crisis. I'm surrounded by yarn and I can't freaking knit anything!!! What's wrong with me?

9. Had an idea... when I'm not sure what book to read next and I get really really stuck, I reach for a classic. I should make some simple socks, washcloths, market bags, something I've knit before and had success with... like a favorite book you re-read.

or perhaps a classic I haven't yet tried...

Here it comes, a confession: I've never read Moby Dick and I've never made the clapotis. Okay, I feel better. I'm DYING to hear what very important book you've never read and what piece of knitting you've never tried. Trust me, it feels good to get it off your chest.

No, I still don't know what I'm going to knit next.


Kari said...

LOL I'm am so there right now. Knitter's block has left me in a funk, and then I made myself sick being pissed off about it! Oy!

I'm really hoping to get all of your swap stuff finished soon, I really didn't mean for it to take me this long, but I kept thinking up fun new things I could try!!! LOL

Macoco said...

Oh man, not the dreaded Knitter's Block!!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

You have inspired me with your binder. I currently have all of my patterns shoved into a folder, between books, in bags.

Katy said...

book? Moby Dick. :) about still working on my first knitting attempt.
I'll get there.
Problem is I know I'm going to be addicted!