Friday, July 08, 2011

do stuff! » leethal Mystery Hat Knit-a-long!!

Mystery Hat!
photos by leethal

Here is my current list of knitting-related projects on my plate:

1. Finish Socks for all Seasons e-book

2. Finish proposal for new collaborative project that I will talk more about soon but my goodness it's exciting.

3. Crochet a dress for my niece's August birthday

4. Finish Rockin' Sock Club test knit

5. Finish gift sweater

6. There's more. I have to stop before I trigger a coronary episode. That's a thing, right?

But then this happened!

leethal mystery hat knit-a-long!

I signed up for Leethal's Mystery Hat Knit-a-long. Wanna make a hat with me? You can use any yarn and make it custom sized. Hard to beat that.

Confession: I've seen the hat in person. Trust me, it's A Very Fine Hat indeed.

To learn more: do stuff! » leethal Mystery Hat Knit-a-long!!

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