Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Christina's World

Wow... Another post that has nothing to do with knitting? Yep. I was playing around in the creative commons and deconstructed one of my favorite paintings:

photo by Perrimoon


Lonely tree
Photo by Julie Berlin


"Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth
Photo by Joe Goldberg. Painting by Andrew Wyeth 1948

Okay, maybe not exactly. But it's a tricky job using random flickr results for words like "desolate." This is not a common tag for photos, thankfully. It's also kind of a bummer search it turns out. But hey! What fun in the end.

Shall I talk about the painting as well? This was not the kind of painting I encountered in art school. We have to go back a bit. I've had a fascination for this image since I first learned about it in elementary school.

Our teacher told us that the woman had polio, a disease none of us could contract. I fixated on her, broken and trying to get home. I loved how high the horizon point was. I loved the muted palette. I loved how the house looked like the one in Little House on the Prairie.

I have a reproduction of it now that I picked up in a second-hand shop. I just hung it up in my new apartment so I wanted to deconstruct the image for fun. I have knitting deadlines people. I always find something else to do when I have deadlines.

So this post is about knitting after all!

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