Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the Pursuit of Happiness

With Sock Summit approaching and deadlines left and right I feel compelled to tell you something unrelated... A great book sits on my coffee table! Have you seen it?

and the pursuit of happiness

Originally this collection was presented as a blog series in the New York Times and now as a wonderful book of (mostly) illustrations from Maira Kalman. This book takes you through an entire year's worth of exploring American democracy in imaginative and personal ways.

and the pursuit of happiness
click on picture to read text. Really you must.

Highlight: Kalman visits the Pentagon and writes "I wonder, why does the building have to be as bland and as soulless as a hospital? Have they not seen any James Bond movies? Would it kill them to have some style?"

Thank you for allowing this detour. I needed a break.

To see Amazon's page for this book, go here:
And the Pursuit of HappinessSocial History Books)

Thanks to Mr. 12 and Tutu for the book. I love it!

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pasqwal said...

Looks like a book I'd enjoy. Gonna get one just for me. Auntie P.