Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventures in Yogurtsville

Really spell check? Yogurtsville isn't a word?

So, I make my own yogurt now. I feel very old fashioned and very modern at the same time. I especially love that there are no more plastic containers involved. If you are at all interested, this is what I use: Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker, White

Here is how it is going so far:

First attempt: I used whole cow milk, real maple syrup, and greek yogurt as a starter. Results were amazing. I had seven little jars of sweet, rich, fresh yogurt. Lucky me!

boiling milk

Second attempt: I got cocky. I make yogurt now, I can do anything! The booklet said soy milk was fine. So I tried almond milk. The booklet didn't mention almond milk but I assumed that was simply an oversight. You know, I'm talking about milk made from almonds. What could go wrong? I used that with vanilla and nancy's non-fat yogurt as a starter. Results were different. I made a yogurt-y drink. Almond milk is too different to work it turns out. I drank all of it anyway. It was still tasty.

yogurt making

Third attempt is today. I am using whole milk, maple syrup, and greek yogurt again. While it forms I am going record shopping, Little Big Burger eating and then ice cream waffle sandwich indulging after that.

My goodness the things I do when I should be doing something else!


Caitlin said...

Nice! I did some yogurt experimenting when we first got our yogurt maker too. Adding maple syrup sounds like a great idea! This recipe is the one I finally settled on--good with a little jam stirred in!

Also, bravo for taking advantage of your proximity to the Waffle Window. Sounds like a good day!

Star said...

Thanks Caitlin! I should make a chart as well. Also, Waffle Window didn't quite happen because we went to Ruby Jewel instead. Waffle Window this week for sure :)

pasqwal said...

Please take us to Waffle Window in August. Auntie P.