Monday, February 04, 2008

Why stop now?

I can't organize my thoughts today. I'm thinking too much, knitting too much, and eating too much. But then again, who isn't?

What I can't stop thinking about:
The legacy of knitting. When you teach someone to knit and they are frustrated, but they don't put it down, they focus in and are determined to get it. And then it clicks.

Witnessing the click is simply the greatest. This is true with other things we teach.

What I can't stop knitting:
Something I wanted to submit somewhere, but I fear I won't make the deadline. Why? Um, it's... ugly. I can't believe it, but I made something seriously ugly. And then tried to think of how to pretend it wasn't. Yeah, back to the drawing board.

What I can't stop eating:
Oranges. I have been eating one a day and am totally addicted. I love peeling them, I love the fragrance that sprays out, I love pulling out the plug on the top, I love dividing the sections.

I love eating them.

What can't you stop thinking about, knitting, and eating?


g and h said...

i've been on an orange kick, too! a friend at work brought some in from her tree and i couldn't stop eating them! now she brings in a bag a week for me.


AR said...

Sounds like me. At least the eating too much part, and you made some oranges sound really good. No, I have to stay away from the kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

now I want some oranges :D I love seeing that click too.