Friday, February 15, 2008

Fiber Friday 2/15/08

Because I am busy and not spinning much right now, I like to show off homespun yarn on Fridays in different ways. So, it's time for a Fiber Friday Flashback. This is from ONE year ago. Yes, time passes in ways I cannot comprehend.

Friday, February 23, 2007
Okay, I've been showing off yarn all week, I know. Well here is the grand total of this week's spinning: 5 yarns... AND this first one is new! Honestly it might be my favorite.

It's richer in person, take my word for it. 4.2 oz, 115 yards. Mixed wool, metallic crochet cotton, glass beads (trust me, they're in there)

Next up, a springy mixed wool blend plied with sturdy gold denim thread. It's basically all my favorite colors spun together, even though we're way off season here. 2.3 oz 113 yards.

This crazy black, white and red one (with metallic crochet cotton) required a lot of concentration. I layered several rovings and the crochet cotton and spun it all at once, together. I really should have pre-drafted, I might have enjoyed the spinning more.

It's a wee 1.8 oz, 37 yards. I was playing around with the candy striping technique, I wanted to stop. I am happy with the results though, and probably should have stuck it out longer.

"C'mon get Happy" is a self-striping rainbow. The colors are arranged in the proper rainbow order with a stripe of white in between each color. It's 3.4 oz, 124 yards.

Last but not least, "Crayons" - It's a thick-thin yarn with lots of hand-dyed wool and mohair colors with black alpaca. 2.4 oz 108 yards. I couldn't decide what kind of yarn to spin, so I took a little bit of everything!

TGIFiber Friday everyone!


That first yarn ended up with the name Merle Norman and the crayons yarn ended up as a part of a series of yarns I spun with many non-repeating colors. It's a fun technique and I plan on doing more again.

A lot has changed over the last year, but not my love for all things fiber... and certainly not my enjoyment of the Friday Feeling.

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