Friday, February 22, 2008

Fiber Friday 2/22/08

On a whim I decided to look back at this day last year to see what was on my mind. It turns out there is fiber involved, so let's have another Fiber Friday Flashback, shall we?

Thursday, February 22, 2007
Come on get happy
It may be raining out but the sun is shining inside my apartment.

I remember hearing a long time ago that we tend to dress for what we want the weather to be, not for what it is. We dress for where we want to go, rather than where we are. I think I spin that way.

Do I want to live in a world of sunshine and lollipops? Perhaps. It counteracts my natural inclination towards depression I think.

What makes you smile? Cute stuff?

For me, it changes. For example, I still smile at the idea of unicorns, which is some weird nostalgia-induced holdover from childhood. A time before all of the soul crushing realities of life get into you and slap you around.

Forgive me, I get heavy this time of year.

Lighten up, you say? Okay! Here is another batt I made, which reminded me of a fluffy cloud.

And then some yarn that looks like the bus on the Partridge Family. The sneaky bit about this yarn is that the colors are in the proper order of a rainbow with white stripes in between each color. So when the yarn is knit, it will form a striping rainbow.

I'm going to go drink some tea and eat chocolate and spin and dream of unicorns now. You do your thing, okay?


Observations from the wisdom of one year later?

1. It's still raining.
2. The sun doesn't shine in my apartment so much.
3. I must have been unemployed that week.
4. I still get heavy this time of year.
5. I am still trying to trick myself into being happy. I won't give up.

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