Friday, January 11, 2008

Fiber Friday 1/11/08

I have a serious case of Friday-itis today.

It might be because there is a yarn convention happening without me across town. Yes, I have a day job.

I will share with you what I can about TNNA after Sunday. Yesterday was a lot of fun but I'm going to really work it on Sunday.

Here is today's installment of Fiber Friday. It's a flashback to June. Ah, June.

Friday, June 01, 2007
Hello fellow Fiber Friday enthusiasts!

I have one skein of yarn to show off this week. It's a sky yarn with white coil clouds.

I didn't spin as much as I wanted to due to things like jury duty, bike shopping, house cleaning, and a bad toe.

I have some ideas for new yarns and I look forward to trying them out. I'm going to force myself to spin more to get out of the slump. I have to start gaining momentum for the second annual Tour de Fleece! (July - you have been warned)


I have updates on all of this. Jury duty? Didn't get picked, and took it personally.

Bike shopping? Bought a vintage Schwinn in June, sold it in December.

Bad toe? To clarify, I am not talking about fungus, so you don't have to get creeped out. It was a stubbed toe and the nail stopped growing and it hurt all of the time. And then one day it started growing again. You probably stopped reading this when I used the f-word.

Anyway, that worked out okay. Until about a month ago, when a different toe on the OTHER foot got bad in the same way. Why?

And finally, the Tour de Fleece... I know July is a long way away but I must tell you I already started a group on Ravelry. This year it will be bigger and better and over the coming months I will reveal it all.

You have been warned!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Jury duty, their loss.

Nice bike

Glad to hear it wasn't a fungus. Is it possibly ingrown?