Monday, July 28, 2008

Tour de Fleece Wrap up special

Tour de Fleece Yarn
With nearly 500 participants in this year's Tour de Fleece, I have to declare this year to be a success... in many ways.

I've been keeping tabs on many of the other spinners and I'm impressed with the quality and quantity of production out there. My goal was smaller, to recapture my lost spinning mojo. I'm happy to say that I have started spinning again, after a long hiatus.

HOWEVER, as one mojo returns, another starts to slip away. Perhaps it is already obvious which mojo I am hinting at: Blogging mojo.

I don't know what kind of meta-universe I am living in where I can say I've lost blogging mojo in an actual blog post, but here we are.

It's not like I'm not having adventures to write about, either. I'm falling in love with my new town, Portland. Evidence:

Tanner Springs Park
Exhibit A: Tanner Springs Park, in the Pearl district. Classic Portland - ecologically sane and sustainable resource park. Plus it looks cool.

Llama princess
I have no explanation for the llama I ran into in front of Hot Lips pizza in the Pearl. I love her sparkled headgear.

Hitched horse
Another great city feature: old metal rings embedded into the curbs to hitch your horse. Imagine my joy at spotting someone did just that: hitched their horse right on up.

Fat Kitty Falafel
Over on SE Division there is a falafel cart called Fat Kitty. The falafels are fantastic and made to order. While you wait, you can check out the review on the counter. (click on this to read the post-it)

Devil bubble guy
Even the most hard-hearted of souls has to feel a little softening at the sight of a devil bubble man making giant bubbles for the kids on SE Clinton, in front of Dot's.

So you see, I am still here. I am knitting and spinning, working, dreaming and eating. I still love the Tour de Fleece, and I love Portland.

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flying fish said...

I love the horse tied to the ring, it's so Portland.