Friday, July 11, 2008

Tour de Fleece - Days 3-5

I think it's about time to check in regarding all things tour related. Yes, it's been a busy week but I do have some spinning to show off.

This year's tour is really different. Instead of a skein a day or more (I really did 8 skeins a week) I am only doing 2 skeins this first week.

What happened? I'm not doing bulky singles this time.


The last few days I've been working on this roving I picked up at the Black Sheep Gathering this year. It's pretty, soft, and easy to spin.

Tour de Fleece days 3 - 5

I took a little over 4 oz, split it in half, and spun up two fine singles. I started plying them together yesterday and hope to finish that today.

Yes, I've slowed down, sort of. It's okay. I think I'm spinning about the same yardage per day though since I'm aiming for fingering weight now.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend of spinning some roving I dyed recently and perhaps a bit of berry picking as well.

Happy Fiber Friday!


The Bon said...

I'm very very slowly spinning the first ply for my 2-ply lace pygora/silk blend.

Your yarn looks lovely!

Mary said...

Gorgeous roving - what kind of fiber is that? Your singles are lovely, too. :-)

knittingdragonflies said...

Oh my this is soooo beautiful!! The colors are vibrant!