Thursday, May 08, 2008

Moving to Portland in pictures

Too many stories to tell... I'm finally online again and couldn't wait to get over here to post. Hi!

For this moment, just take a look at the mini photo journal of my move to Portland in April 2008.

Click on them for bigger sizes. I kept them small here for people with slow connections.

San Francisco lunch with friend Josh, day one.

San Francisco mural tour, day one.

Giants VS Arizona. San Francisco, day 2.

Breakfast in San Francisco, day three.

San Francisco, day 3. View out the window during breakfast.

San Francisco day three. I didn't buy anything, but I probably should have!

San Francisco day three. Riding the streetcar down Market, I saw an amazing guy out the window.

San Francisco day three. My pal Brooke posing in front of a shirtless motorcycle mechanic.

Portland day two. I found a place to live. This is the view out of the livingroom to my car parked on the street!

And now I really live here because I bought a couch. EDIT: Yes, a really great couch - thank you for noticing!

More stories tomorrow. More use of words in the stories too.


Sara said...

That is a lovely sofa. I now have sofa envy.

Anonymous said...

it looks like you had such a great trip! I love the couch. I am glad you found a nice place so quickly

g and h said...

i LOVE that couch! can't wait to see more pics!

we miss you!
g & h

Anonymous said...

Your place looks great! We love the view, the hard wood floors,the couch, and YOU!xoxoxoMoma ewe and Mr.12.

erin32mc said...

from what i can see thru your windows, looks like a nice view. and nice couch to enjoy it from!

Natalie Rush said...

Thanks for sharing the SF pictures!! And congrats on getting settled. Good luck finding things to go with your AWESOME couch!! :)